Stand Still Trust Jesus

Stand still , Trust Jesus Live obediently today and tomorrow.

Stand still, Trust Jesus Love even those that Hate You Family.

Stand still, Trust Jesus Live Righteously and Give freely too.

Stand still, Trust Jesus always for He is Our Good Shepherd.

Stand still, Trust Jesus for He does always have Our Backs.

Stand still, Trust Jesus and You shall forever be Blessed too.

Stand still, Trust Jesus fully with Your Heart Love Him fully.

Stand still, Trust Jesus and You shall be a True child of God.

Even When

Even when the world, has stand against You, Christ is with You.

Even when the world, hates You and wants to destroy You completely.

Even when You lost everything, that You had and are starting over.

Even when the Rain just keeps pouring down upon You My Friend.

Even when the Pain, is just getting worst and all that you do is scream.

Even when the world ,has rejected You Christ is still with You.

Even when everything has collapse all around and You feel vulnerable.

Even when Your darkest hour has arrive and You don’t know what to do.

Christ is with You, Leading You by the Hand to as much better place.

Give Me Jesus

Give Me Jesus, for He is far more Precious to Me than Gold.

Give Me Jesus, for I truly Love Him more than anything else.

Give Me Jesus, for I would rather die tonight, poor and alone.

Then to Live a long time, rich and always have many at My home

Give Me Jesus, For He always give Me everything that I shall need.

Give Me Jesus, cause without Him what is the use of Living.

Give Me Jesus, the Only One that can truly Save any of Us here.

Give Me Jesus, He is My best Friend ever here or on the New Earth.

Give Me Jesus, He is the Greatest Savior in this World and the next.

To Those I Lost

To those I lost, that Bless Me and I knew them.

To those I lost, whom made Me laugh or Smile.

To those I lost, whom meant so much to Me.

To those I lost, whom I should have told them.

That I Love you and need you in My Life.

To those I lost, Jesus knows how much I miss you.

To those I lost, only when God returns or I go there.

Shall I see you once more, only then will I see you.

To those I lost, I want you to know that I Love you.

Mine Savior

Mine Savior, is the Lord of the Heaven and the Earth.

Mine Savior, had Walked on Water and Heal the Blind.

Mine Savior , had Loved those that had Persecuted Him.

Mine Savior, was born in a Mangers two thousand years ago.

Mine Savior, is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as well.

My Savior, was Murdered for Us, and He rose up to Life again.

Mine Savior, I truly do Owe Him a debt that I can not Pay.

Mine Savior , I truly do Love you with a full heart Jesus.

Mine Savior, is the True Lord Jesus the Christ God above.

Though Hardships

Though the Hardships, I seem worldly weak but I am also Spiritual Strong.

Through the Hardships, I am only Strong through the Strength from God.

Through the Hardships, I fear not any Spiritual attack from the evil one.

Through the Pain inside, I lay it down at Christ feet to Heal Me of it now.

Through the Pain inside, I shall not let it draw Me away from My Creator.

Through the Pain inside, I shall move forward for Jesus is My Shield and Staff.

Accepting this Life in Christ, no Matter the Cost through the suffering right here.

Accepting this Life in Christ, as a Pleasure to work for the One that Redeem Me.

Accepting this Life in Christ, because He has brought Me so very far already.

Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves, the Weak, the Lame, and the Broken-Hearted.

Jesus Saves, Your Heart, Your Life , and You His Child too.

Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves all of His People too.

Jesus Saves, those that Loves Him for He Loves Them too.

Jesus Saves, there is none Other that can Save You like Him.

Jesus Saves, for Jesus Restores Life into His People too.

Jesus Saves, so keep Trusting in Him Our Mighty God.

Jesus Saves, this I can tell You is Something to Cling to.

Because only Jesus can Save, so allow Him to Save You too.