Falling Down

Falling down, in His Presence is what We always need to do.

Falling down, upon Our faces reveal that We indeed Honor God.

Falling down is to show Others that He indeed does deserve Our Respect.

Falling down , is the thing to always do in the Lord Jesus Presence here.

Falling down, upon Our faces is what We should to in front of Jesus.

For He has done so much for Us that He did not have to do for Us here.

So yes it is and always be my honor to fall upon my face for Him.

Falling down , thus lowering myself to reveal that He is My King and God.

Beautiful Deliverer

I have a Beautiful Deliverer, whom protects Me in many ways.

Not just My Body or Soul but so much more Protection He gives.

Like an old labtop, and a phone that has been drop enough times.

Sometime , when things are abuse or batter , He expect Us to use them.

For like the shoes of the Israelite during the 40 years in the wilderness.

He expect Us to save money and continue to use those very things still.

He can also use those things to reveal and send messages to Us as well.

Like the Laptop that He keeps working for Us day in and day out here.

There are times that it is acting up, testing you on being more patient.

Remember Me Lord

Remember Me Lord, is what the thief and everyone else said.

For all of Us whom loves God has said this at least once Family.

For We all, want to One day go to Heaven after Our deaths here.

It shall be a very Beautiful thing to hear the Lord say welcome home.

For this is not really Our home but a job that We are working for God.

Our true Home is the New Earth once Jesus creates it just for Us.

So Family just keep on doing the Good Lord will here till He comes.

So Bless You all with His Loving Kindness and His Great Peace.

A Life Full Of Deliverance

Brothers and Sisters , know that Christ is the God of Deliverance.

So fear not that You shall stay, in Your Life here Suffering Family.

For Our God, and Savior Christ is in the Business of saving Others.

So know this One thing, that sometimes this is how He reveals Himself.

Through Saving those, that can not Save themselves which is everybody.

There really is not a Soul that can save themselves We all need saving.

For in all reality there are no Gods except the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The rest of Spirits dwelling here are Gods Angel, fallen Angels, or demons.

So know this here One thing that if you belong to Jesus then Fear them not.

In All Times

In all Times, give thanks to the Good Lord.

In all Times, Trust the Lord in everything.

In all Times, Live your Life as Christ has.

In all Times, Be Humbled and Loving too.

In all Times, Give Christ Praise and Worship.

In all Times, Always remember Gods Love.

In all Times, do what is Right to everone here.

In all Times, Allow the Good Lord to use You.

In all Times, Stay Faithful and Obedient to God.

O Blessed People

O You Blessed people, Hear the voice of God and know His word.

O You Blessed people, for during the times of evil You shall need it.

O You Blessed people, there shall be times when you need speak it.

O You Blessed people, Christ Word shall drive the evil one away.

O You Blessed people, Christ Word is to help keep the devil away.

O You Blessed people, Christ does love you so very much indeed.

O You Blessed people, someday We all shall share a meal together.

O You Blessed people, what a Great day it shall be to be together.

O You Blessed people, together We shall worship the Good Lord.

You Are The Great I Am

Long even before the Angels existed, You were the Great I Am Lord.

Long before the Earth was even Created You were the Great I Am, God.

For there were never anything that was Created without You speaking it.

For You were the very First and You shall be the very Last Lord Jesus God.

You were with Abraham in the desert , long before You were born to Mary.

Nothing Good was ever spoken, without You being involve in the Process.

You whom Loved Me enough, to humble Yourself enough to be born a baby.

So that You could live a Perfect Life here on the earth to die a sinful death.

Then being God rising back to Life again saving Me and Many others from death.