When O Lord

When O Lord, shall I once more feel your Joy.

When shall I be changed into the Healed Man.

When O God shall I overcome the past O God.

When shall I feel your Love once again Lord.

When shall My Heart become whole once more.

It been broken many times into tiny pieces.

When O Lord, shall my heart be healed again.

When shall you take away my Loneliness God.

When O Lord shall you reveal yourself to Me again.

When O Lord, shall you show Me your Love again.

One thought on “When O Lord

  1. I think there are times when we all feel like this. Even David, a man who was after God’s own heart struggled to see and hear God sometimes. When I feel like this I pray or sing. Paul use to sing during his darkest hours. Even JESUS sang on the way to the Mount of Olives knowing what would happen. JESUS has promised to never leave us! God Bless you!


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