Awesome Savior

Such an Awesome Savior, Jesus is was, now and Forever more.

For He is Full of Love, Joy, Holiness, and Grace to His People.

There is none as Beautiful as Him for He is a Perfect Savior too.

Even the atheist shall Bow before Him and know that He is God.

For when He appears, everyone shall respect Him in all His Glory.

There is no Greater Savior, then the Lord Our God Jesus Christ.

So know that when He comes again, there shall be only Joy here.

The Love shall be overflowing , for once He takes His rightful place.

Hate , death, and evil shall disappear from this earthly place too.

There only be Love, Life, and Goodness flowing here for 1000 years.

Then He shall create an new Earth and a new Heaven to dwell on.

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