Let Us

Take me to your kingdom. even if it is in my dreams.

Where I and others can dance on the streets of gold.

Let Us ,dance before you Most Gracious Savior King.

Let Us, on bended knees praise your Worthy Name.

For there is none like you , none as Perfect as you.

Let Us, all come together to worship the true Savior.

Let Us, shake away the sins to show Him our Love.

So that We may Worship him in truth and Love too.

Missing Home

Sometimes, my mind fade into dream land.

Hoping that some day God shall let me return.

To the small city where I lived most of my life.

To a city where many know who I am in person.

Though when I left feeling unloved back then.

Now I know that was never really true at all.

It just so many with busy life that they had.

So that me being single and too much time.

But now I know that they still cared for me.




Search Us Heal Us

O Lord search me, inside and out then heal me.

I beg thee , O Lord to search me and to heal me.

Not only I, heal but everyone that reads this too.

For this world is hurting and needs your Healing.

Heal our lands, heal our bodies, heal our children.

Then all shall see you O Lord and let a revival begin.

Thus then bring all nations unto your throne room.

Repenting of their sins, asking you to come into their hearts.

Thus many more including world leaders as well God.

Thank You Jesus

No matter how hard things might become here on the earth.

Which they do become for some of Gods chosen people here.

We need to keep Thanking , Our Lord Jesus through them all.

For God went through some very hard times just for Us too.

So people it is Our turn to go through them for him too.

He shall be there with Us in Spirit while We are doing it.

So fear not just keep trusting in Him while going through it.

Teach Me Your Will Jesus Prayer

Holy Jesus, take away all of my hurt, and pain today.

Reveal to Me , Your word for today and teach Me.

How to accept everything that I don’t like to hear.

Protect everything that the evil one is trying to steal.

But everything that is within Your Will for Me today.

May You teach Me to accept them all with Faith from You.

Thus then make this so that I shall learn to walk in Your Will.

So that it shall become an automatic Walking in Your Will.

Making it a natural thing to always walk in Your Will.

I Praying this in Your Most Precious Name Jesus Amen.

I See Finally

Lord , I really need to start seeing through My heart not eyes.

Because I finally see what You have been trying to tell Me God.

About not judging through what I am seeing in front of Me Lord.

So yes I shall not get hurt if I feel that you have abandon Me Lord.

Sometimes you step back and watch what We shall do on Our own.

Yes sometimes Righteous people make mistakes here oh Lord God.

Yes sometimes unrighteous people do good here as well Holy One.

Because We all are only people in this Broken World We live in here.

So yes, so it best to realize that it is only God that We can trust 100 percent.

Because You shall never hurt Us God, nor leave Us or forsake Us either.

Flood The Earth

Flood the the Earth, with Your Goodness heal those whom are hurting.

Flood the Earth, with your Loving-Kindness  and with Your Love Lord.

Flood the Earth, with all of Your Light-Barer as well Holy Lord God too.

Flood the Earth, with Your Holy Spirit healing all that are in sight too.

Flood the Earth, and Heal the wounded bless those that stand faithful.

Flood the Earth, with Your Peace and lead the righteous to You God.

Flood the Earth, with all Your Goodness revealing all of Your Goodness.

Flood the Earth, raise on the Earth an revival to reach out to those Lost.