I Am Alone

I am alone, am at fault for the hurt that others have done unto Me.

Because I took my eyes off of the Holy Spirit that dwells within Me.

So I did not hear nor listen to His warnings to Me and so it happen.

I am alone responsible, for all of the Hurt that I have cause others.

I whom have know the Good Lord , am quite selfish at times here.

Which I should be living an life of obedience here on the earth now.

I am responsible for  getting caught up in sin at times in My life.

Especially because Christ has made Me an Light bearer here on the earth.

But I have fail , the Good Lord and I just want to say that I am sorry.

If I Was To

If I was to live a life of helping thousands of hurting People.

Yet to live a life outside of living My life for You O Lord

What would My life be worth , even after helping Them God.

If I was to live a life , of Loving Everyone that I have met .

Yet to live a life,  outside of living My life for You O Lord.

What would My life be worth, even after loving others God.

If I  was to live a life , of caring for those whom no one else care about.

Yet to live a life outside of living My life for You O Lord.

What would My life be worth, even after caring for Others O God.

Hong Kong Protesters

It is sad to see all of Our Brothers and Sisters Freedom fade away.

There is so much evil taking control in this World today right now.

China, North Korea , and Russia to name a few countries that are run by evil.

Not the people , but the Leaders whom hate Jesus our Savior and God too.

To see our Fellow Christians in Hong Kong getting really abuse today.

Normally I would be on the police officers side but not today not in Hong Kong.

I know that the cops are just as evil as China  tell them to abuse the protesters.

For the evil fallen angel lives only to destroy people and their life of freedom too.

So all that any of Us can do is pray for Our Brothers and Sisters then leave it in Gods hand.

We need God to send china packing and running away from Hong Kong forever more.



I Desperate For You

O how Desperately needing your Help here now and forever.

For truth speaks no one can save me except You O Lord God.

People spends their whole entire life believing the lie of self.

Believing that only they can save themselves here on the earth.

But I seen with my whole life how I always made the situation worst.

It is not till I quit trying to fix the problem before I truly realize .

That the truth of the matter , is Only Christ can repair the situation.

Only He can fix any and all situations for His People that live here.

But We as People sometimes want to trust self more than anything else.

Let Choose Life

Let’s choose Life, and always do that which is right.

Let’s choose Life, and cling to the only One that matters.

Let’s choose Life, and allow Christ to work within Us.

Let’s choose Love, and allow this to change Us from within.

Let’s choose Love, for Love is always a life changer too.

Let’s choose Love, for it shall bring Healing unto You.

Let’s choose Faith, for without Faith we shall lose Hope.

Let’s choose Faith,  for We shall walk by Faith here too.

Let’s choose Faith, and trust the Good Lord forever too.


Letting Go 2

Letting go of all of my hurt, rejection, and struggling.

Letting go of all of my pride, rebelliousness, and anger.

Letting go of my past, and what might have been too.

Letting go of all of my resentment, torment, and stubbornness.

For all of these can hurt my relationship with Christ.

So I shall only grab positive things that bless my relationship.

Things like Faith, Love, and Worshiping Him every day.

Things like Grace, Hope , and Obedience to Lord God too.



Struggling with trying to forge forward is hard at times here.

Because the evil ones are trying to block Us from going forward.

Sometimes trying to receive something that might help Us out.

Like a comfortable chair to ease the pain that is in our Back.

But each time that it is suppose to arrive it is held up by evil ones.

So for some reason the Good Lord did not stop them from this.

So Jesus must have some reason to allow them to get away with it.

Even if the chairs that I have in my place are too uncomfortable .

To sit in it pains Me that God is allowing this to happen to Me now.

But since I don’t know the whole situation, I need to wait patiently.