God Of Life

You are the God, that Lives the God that Brings Life not death Jesus.

You are the God, that restores relationships to His people as well.

You are the God, that Loves and through Your People they love too.

You are the God, that gives Your People Great Peace as well Jesus.

You are the God, that is Perfect and there is no sin within You either.

You are the God, that shall draw Your People home someday Father.

You are the God, that never gives up on Your People My Savior.

You are the God, that I shall turn to in all My times of need here.

You are the God, that I direct all of My Prayers here too Father.


Each Moment

Each moment You reveal Your Love and Truth to Me.

Each moment You show Me an New way to Live Life.

Each moment is a New beginning for Me with You.

Each moment , You have taught Me Your Faithfulness.

With each moment , Our relationship becomes refresh.

It’s like the Relationship keep starting Over every minute.

Our relationship keeps renewing with Your Love for Me.

Each moment renews , all of Your wonderful Promises to Me.

You keep making it so easy to Love You with Your Goodness.

For there is no Other that is as Giving to Others as You are.

Your Love for Me is so crystal clear and I Love You as well.

For it is so easy to keep Loving You and I shall forever God.

You Are The God

You are the God, who raises Us up when We are down.

You are the God, whom Heals when We are feeling sick.

You are the God, whom breathes Life into Us everyday.

You are the God, that speak Goodness in Our Lives here.

You are the God, that shows Us Hope when there was none.

You are the God, that Saves Us and Teaches Us your Goodness.

You are the God, that Loves everyone of Us more then We know.

You are the God, that reveal to Us that You truly do Love Us.

God Can

Have you ever been out in the Cold, freezing than You are comfortable.

Remember this God can change all of the situations for Our Good too.

For when it is cold outside freezing , He can make Us feel comfortable.

God can keep Your body cool , when it is extremely hot outside as well.

For Jesus has sent His Spirit, the Holy Spirit to Us  to help and teach Us.

So the Holy Spirit job is to help Us in many different kind of Ways here.

Sometimes it is to Save Our lives or other kind of Ways to Help Us as well.

For through this here Helping , God is revealing His Goodness to Us here.

So no matter how Jesus is using the Holy Spirit to Help Us here on earth.

Christ is using the Holy Spirit to review Him and His Goodness to Us.

Keep Moving

Sometimes , Life can throw Us an fastball here on the earth.

But , God uses Our struggles, hurts, and everything else too.

To reveal Himself to others that are in Our path right here.

So We can not give up no matter how tempting it might seem.

Because if We were to give up, You never know who might miss out.

So yes it is very important for those People that You keep going on.

So ask Jesus to keep filling You with His Great strength to persevere here.

So that His will shall not be push out of existence here on the earth Friend.

But just keep on trusting the Lord only has yours and other best interest at heart.


Be Strong

Be strong in the Lord, and never give up here.

Trust in the Lord with your full heart as well.

For You shall move mountains with God help.

Never fear, for Christ shall Lead You through.

For You shall see Greater Miracles than before.

For Christ is Your Lord, and He Loves You much.

He shall speak Life into all of Your situations too.

So Trust Him and know that He shall never leave You.

For He knows Your every situation, here on the earth too.

True Unconditional Love

Loving Others, is more than just an Feeling inside.

In fact , Love is an Action as well  proof through action.

Even while Someone might be hating on You right here.

Still You do as Christ calls You to do Love through Prayer.

Or Love through Blessing them with something at times.

Whatever You do , Pray first asking the Lord on what to do.

For only He knows the future, and the outcome later on.

Thus then the Person, shall see that You really do Love them.

Thus They shall be changed by Your Action through Love.